How To: Scotch Tape Nails

March 10, 2015

LA MIGUELEZ: Easy DIY Scotch Tape Nails

Whenever I add a little design to my nails I am so often asked this burning question: “HOW?!?!” (More frequently I hear “Oh, you must have so much time on your hands,” which, lemme tell ya, REALLY grinds my gears. But, anyway.)

I cannot stress enough just how truly easy it is to add a little oomph to your manicure. My secret weapon: Scotch tape.

This post features a very simple diagonal design, but with your trusty magic tape, you can create virtually any pattern you like!

LA MIGUELEZ: Easy DIY Scotch Tape Nails

For this design I used Milani Nail Lacquer in Black Magic and Creme Brulee, and Scotch Magic Tape. Don’t forget a good top coat as well! My favorite is Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthening Top Coat.

Step 1: Paint your nails a base color and let dry completely. This technique works best when the base polish is the lighter of the two. My base polish was the Creme Brulee, which usually takes quite a few coats until it is opaque.

Step 2: Cut a piece of tape about an inch and a half long. Apply the tape to the inside of your wrist. Yes, you read that correctly. When the tape is too sticky (AKA fresh off the roll), it can remove the base polish right off your nail. When you press the tape against your skin and gently remove it once or twice, your dead skin cells stick to the tape, making it less sticky! Gross, but genius. Try not to think about it too much.

Step 3: Apply the piece of tape to your nail. Use a tool like this to help gently press it down all the way to the edges of your nail.

Step 4: Apply the darker polish and IMMEDIATELY remove the tape. Carefully peeling the tape away while the polish is still wet will leave you with extra clean lines.

Step 5: Top coat! Make sure your design is completely dry before you apply top coat, otherwise the colors might drag into one another.

LA MIGUELEZ: Easy DIY Scotch Tape Nails Enjoy your fancy new at-home manicure!


DIY Floral Heart Wreath

February 11, 2015

LA MIGUELEZ: DIY Floral Heart Wreath

Just in time for Valentine’s Day (AKA down to the wire), I’m sharing my super easy faux-floral heart wreath!

LA MIGUELEZ: DIY Floral Heart Wreath

You will need just four supplies:
– Fake florals: I used 6 bouquets of white roses from the dollar store. I originally bought 7, but Scottie sunk her teeth into one and ran away with it.
– Floral wire: find this in any craft store!
– Scissors
– Ribbon

LA MIGUELEZ: DIY Floral Heart Wreath

1. Cut a piece of wire (mine was about 3 or 4 feet long) and form it into a heart shape.
2. Cut another piece of wire and wrap it around the heart to strengthen the shape and help keep its form as you work.

LA MIGUELEZ: DIY Floral Heart Wreath

3. Pop the flowers off of each stem and discard the stems and leaves.
4. Cut 4-5 inch lengths of floral wire. Create a knot or a few bends in the end of a piece of cut wire.
5. Stick the wire through the top of a flower, with the knot on top.
6. Pull the wire down to secure in place. Do this with each flower.

LA MIGUELEZ: DIY Floral Heart Wreath

7. Take a flower and begin wrapping its wire stem around the heart form, leaving about 1/4 inch of space between the form and the base of the flower.
8. Wrap the entire wire stem around the heart form. This will further strengthen the heart shape as you work.
9. Add more flowers to the heart, working in a clockwise or counter clockwise motion.
10. When the heart is full, adjust the flowers as necessary.

LA MIGUELEZ: DIY Floral Heart Wreath

11. Cut a length of ribbon to hang your wreath. I cut mine about 4.5 feet long to go over the top of my door and hang from the inside.
12. Tie each end of the ribbon to the two peaks of the heart.
13. Attach the loop of the ribbon to an upside-down hook on the inside of the door. If the wreath hangs too low on the door, knot the ribbon under the hook to shorten it.
14. Stand back and admire your pretty new wreath!

LA MIGUELEZ: DIY Floral Heart Wreath LA MIGUELEZ: DIY Floral Heart WreathP.S. From now until Valentine’s Day, I’m offering 10% off everything in my shop with the coupon code: SHMALENTINE



Holiday Costumes to make your pets hate you

December 16, 2014

LA MIGUELEZ: Holiday Costumes to make your pets hate you

The Target dollar section sucks me in EVERY TIME. No matter what is on my shopping list or how many times I repeat You’re only here for paper towels, Leigh Anne, my body just naturally gravitates to the refrigerator magnets, the plastic polka dotted to-go cups, and the tiny recycled pots holding a single strawberry seed. I need it ALL. I mean how am I supposed to pass up a MINI GALVANIZED BUCKET for only $3?! It’s just not possible.

My Target dollar section problem got a whoooooole heck of a lot bigger when I got a cat. They sell mini puffer vests in four colors. PUFFER VESTS FOR CATS. There are stuffed purple fish on a string for a DOLLAR. And when Christmas time rolls around……they have these:

LA MIGUELEZ: Holiday Costumes to make your pets hate you

Scottie as Sexy Santa and her frienemy Philly as her helpful little elf. (Scottie is about 8 months old and wears a size XS and Philly was 1 year in this picture and wore a Small.)

They also have a Christmas tree that I stared at for a while before deciding on the Santa costume. On a side note, try and tell me that Scottie doesn’t look like one of the Plastics at their Winter Talent Show in the movie Mean Girls:

LA MIGUELEZ: Mean Girls Winter Talent Show Costumes

She just needs some patent leather thigh highs and she’s set.

Go ahead and call PETA on me, but whenever I wrestle Scottie into an outfit she purrs like crazy. The only explanation is that she loves to accessorize and who can blame her? On the other hand, although the few ensembles she has are not restrictive at all, the second I put them on her furry little frame she becomes paralyzed. She has full range of motion…but believes wholeheartedly that she cannot walk.

Don’t worry, everyone, Scottie spends the majority of her days buck naked BUT when I have needed her to hold still and not run away (think Christmas card pictures and nail clipping), this little number sure has come in handy:

Meowry Christmas, everyone! We hope you kittens are enjoying your holiday season so far!

DIY Christmas Door Hanger

December 15, 2014

LA MIGUELEZ: DIY Christmas Door Hanger

I have a nice little antique collection growing in my apartment thanks to Goodwill and a little condition they call “hoarding.” One of my favorite activities is scouring the shelves for the perfect silver knickknack and Googling its likeness to find its resale value. Then I like to pretend I’ll polish it up real nice, list it on my non-existent second Etsy shop (the one dedicated to hip vintage finds), and turn a little profit. It’s an innocent game of make-believe that always ends with another tarnished pitcher on my mantle: forever meaningless, yet deeply cherished.

When I dug up this perfect brass trumpet, I knew instantly I had zero need for it, yet all the desire in the world. The fact that I found it in December and had no holiday decorations in my apartment yet…now that is what we call a Christmas miracle.

LA MIGUELEZ: DIY Christmas Door Hanger

– a brass trumpet or other Christmas-y nonsense
– ribbon
– a Command hook and two Command strips
– a pin
– fabric scissors

What to do:
1. Decide where you would like the trumpet to rest on the outside of your door and measure the ribbon accordingly.
2. String the ribbon through the trumpet and tie the ends in a tight knot.
3. MAGIC TRICK TO HIDE HOOKS AND MAKE ALL OF YOUR FUTURE DECORATIONS LOOK LIKE THEY’RE FLOATING: stick a command hook on the inside of your door upside down.
4. Attach the ribbon to the Command hook by the knot you tied, and drape the trumpet over the top of the door.

TADA! You can stop here! That trumpet is floating and you look like Martha Stewart. Merry Christmas to you, you decoration wizard!

If you’re still feeling crafty or you just can’t leave well enough alone…keep reading:

5. Cut another length of ribbon and tied it into a pretty bow. Wire ribbon is the best for pretty bows.
6. Use a pin to attach the back of the bow to the front of the ribbon, just above the trumpet.
7. Tuck the extra long ribbon tails behind the trumpet so it doesn’t make such a horrible clanging sound every time you open and close your door.
8. Decide that the extra long tails are much too long. Use fabric scissors to shorten them and then cut a little triangle out of the base to make them fancy.
9. Cut a Command strip into small pieces and use them to secure the trumpet to the door, thus holding it in place and eliminating the clanging.

LA MIGUELEZ: DIY Christmas Door HangerThere you have it. Now you’ll really feel the Christmas spirit, and all of your neighbors will think a very old woman lives in your apartment.

P.S. If you’re in need of any last-minute Christmas decor, Joann’s has all Holiday paraphernalia 60% off! That’s where I purchased the ribbon shown here as well as some long white candlesticks, red dessert tins, and a couple other things I convinced myself I needed (60% off is what I like to call “practically free”). Enjoy!

Agate Pendant Necklaces

October 29, 2014

LA MIGUELEZ: Agate Pendant Necklaces on Etsy

I am oh so so excited to introduce the newest additions to my Etsy shop. These raw dyed agate slices are exactly what I have been looking to add to my own jewelry collection and when I found them wholesale I knew I had to (try to) share. I only kept two for myself, which is pretty impressive considering all I want to do is wear all of them at the same time and jangle around my apartment while Scottie chases me.

There are 8 total agate pendants available. Three orange, three blue, and two purple. I even added two other pendants: a large silver feather and a brass hourglass to mix it up. A few more pieces will be added later this week!

LA MIGUELEZ: Agate Pendant Necklaces on Etsy

As always, I could not have brought you these new pieces without the skillful photography of my wildly artistic fiance. Don’t worry, I paid him for his services in tacos last night.

LA MIGUELEZ: Agate Pendant Necklaces on Etsy

Aaaaaand my assistant during a rare moment when she wasn’t pawing through the blinds and ripping my backdrop to the ground. By the way, HAPPY NATIONAL CAT DAY!

How to make iced coffee like the genius you are

October 23, 2014

LA MIGUELEZ: Iced Coffee Trick

I always always always have leftover coffee cooling in my ancient Sunbeam coffee pot and it breaks my heart to see it go to waste every day. That is, until I remembered that I’m a genius (and a little bit of a hoarder) and created a simple trick to save my beloved brew and make my future caffeine experiences even better.

LA MIGUELEZ: Iced Coffee TrickCoffee ice cubes, ladies and gentlemen. All you need is the leftover coffee that’s not quite enough to make another cup, but enough to make you sad as it spirals down the drain…and an ice cube tray.

Adding this simple task to your morning routine will help you to do the following:
1. Stop wasting coffee.
2. Stop making watered-down iced coffee.
3. Stop making extra-strong coffee so when you pour it over regular ice cubes it doesn’t get watered-down.

LA MIGUELEZ: Iced Coffee Trick

If you are a work-from-home coffee-addict like me, you can go ahead and make yourself an iced coffee right now!

Ingredients: coffee ice cubes that you made the day before because you’re a genius, leftover coffee from this morning that you didn’t finish, a mason jar you got at a bridal shower, and creamer.

1. Lock your cat in the bathroom so she doesn’t dive into the coffee headfirst (again) while you’re trying to photograph it.
2. Buy yourself some roses from the grocery store because you love yourself and you deserve them.
3. Pour coffee over coffee ice cubes. Add creamer or sweetener if desired.

LA MIGUELEZ: Iced Coffee Trick

No more watery iced coffee! Enjoy!




September 26, 2014

LA MIGUELEZ: TGIF | Charleston, SC

Happy Friday, everyone! Tonight we are celebrating a friend’s birthday with some homemade mojitos and a night on the town and tomorrow we are going to a wedding! With all of this excitement, I have to say that brunch, at one point or another, is a stronger possibility than ever.

Have any fun plans? Here are some links to start off your weekend:

Paintings for ants.

This mug made me laugh out loud.

I think I need a mini pig.

15 Hollywood siblings you didn’t know about.

This is my phone background and I LOVE IT.

A butterfly lands on a flutists nose mid-performance and it’s as magical as it sounds.

15 career tips from smart women.

I might have liked Taylor Swift for five seconds when I saw this.

The newest member of the Spice Girls.

Cute ankle boots for Fall.

Such a fascinating Before & After project.

How to feel confident in two minutes.

This is the sweetest thing. You poked my heart!

Have a wonderful weekend!


[Image from our recent trip to Charleston, SC]

Avocado Hummus

September 25, 2014

LA MIGUELEZ: Avocado Hummus Recipe

I got the tiniest little baby food processor for Christmas two years ago because those are the things I put on my Christmas list. A year later, Santa brought me a Magic Bullet and a Crock Pot. For my birthday, I was gifted my treasured salad spinner. I could go on.

While I’m deeply, emotionally attached to my mini food processor, I rarely use it. UNTIL I remembered hummus and all its wonders. Trader Joe’s makes an incredible Guacamole Hummus and I have tried, semi-in-vain, to recreate it here. I hope you like it!

1 can chickpeas
2 avocados
3 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp tahini
The juice of 1 lime
1 jalapeño
salt and pepper to taste

1. Drain and rinse chickpeas. For extra creamy hummus, remove the shells of the chickpeas and discard. Add chickpeas to food processor.
2. De-seed and De-vein the jalapeño and add it to the food processor.
3. Add olive oil, tahini, lime juice, salt, and pepper to food processor and blend until smooth.
4. Add the avocado and continue to blend.
5. Top with olive oil and pepper (cilantro is great too!)

Two notes of interest:
1. Tahini is stupid expensive. I had been putting off buying it for months and months until I caved. The nice thing about this hummus is that the avocado makes it extra creamy so you don’t need to use tahini if you’re not into spending $9 on a jar of it.
2. I mentioned in the directions to remove the chickpea shells. This is going to take you about three years if you’re dramatic like me or about ten excruciating minutes (still dramatic). You don’t neeeeed to do this step, but every time I look at the bowl full of chickpea shells when I’m done I am so glad I’m not eating them.

Exhibit A:
LA MIGUELEZ: Avocado Hummus
I felt weird putting my watermark on a picture of chick pea shells, but I’m trying to make a point here, okay?

LA MIGUELEZ: Avocado Hummus

So there you have it! Delicious, creamy avocado hummus. Enjoy!

P.S. My assistant, hard at work:
LA MIGUELEZ: Avocado Hummus

DIY Tassels

September 7, 2014


I’ve been making quite a few projects with tassels lately, so I thought I’d share a basic tutorial! This particular method uses jump rings so you can attach the tassels to jewelry or key chains, but they can easily be omitted if that’s not your jam.


– Embroidery floss
– Scissors
– A wrapping guide // I use a piece of scrap paper folded up tightly and wrapped with masking tape. This purple one is approximately 2.5×2.5″, but I keep a couple on hand in different dimensions depending upon what size tassel I’m making. You can also use a little piece of cardboard!
– Jump rings (optional)


1. Gather materials.
2. Cut two 8″ pieces of string.
3. Take one of the 8″ pieces of string, fold it in half, and make a loop knot around the jump ring (skip this step if you are not adding jump rings).
4. Take the remaining embroidery floss and wrap it around the wrapping guide.
5. Carefully slide the wrapped string off of the guide.
6. Take the jump ring string and tie it around the top of the loop. Hide the knots inside the loop and keep the jump ring on the outside (If you are not using jump rings, just take a piece of string and tie it the same way).
7. Take the second 8″ piece of string and tie it horizontally around the top of the tassel.
8. Cut the loops at the bottom and trim.
9. TADA!!!!!

Check back soon for some new projects using tassels!



September 5, 2014

LA MIGUELEZ: TGIF | Handmade Jewelry

HAPPY FRIDAY, EVERYONE!!! I am super excited for this weekend because I am going on a mini road trip to see some of my beautiful friends, one of whom I have not seen in YEARS (years!!!!!!). I am also excited to have added a few new pieces to my Etsy shop as you can see in the photo above. Here are a few links to get your weekends started. Enjoy!

I love the name of this blog in general and I wish I had thought of it first. But also, chai tea latteeeeee!

This is a genius little marble vanity tray you can make yourself.

I stopped breathing when I saw…this.

These paintings of swimmers are absolutely stunning.

Suri’s Burn Book has been one of my favorite blogs for years. She never disappoints.

An egg rug for your kitchen!

How to be polite. (via Cup of Jo)

When can I go camping next??

In love with these business cards.

I link to a lot of food, and that’s okay. We are all okay with that.

Scottie is obsessed with the bath tub. I’m working her up to this. Stay tuned.

One of my former college professors posted this campaign to her Facebook page this week. If you’re looking for a worthy cause or a way to help someone in need, I hope you’ll consider Ben Cosby.

Have a beautiful, beautiful weekend, everyone!